About Tricia Spicer Bekey

I'm a writer and editor in Washington state. I grew up in New Jersey, attended high school and college in California, and moved to Washington after college.

A lot of people ask about my name. My maiden name was Tricia Spicer. My married name is Tricia Spicer Bekey. There is no hyphen in my married name.

I'm very passionate about writing and I love creating new worlds and characters. I've written two novels for National Novel Writing Month and a number of short stories. I also have fun designing websites, playing with art supplies, doing yoga, training dogs, and reading a ridiculous number of books.

About TrishTales.com

The purpose of this site is to share some of my creative projects. The most popular feature on this website is the Action Figure Diary, a weekly action figure webcomic and fiction blog based on the characters in Little Plastic Heroes. I started the Action Figure Diary because I wanted to tell stories in a visual way.

I hand-coded TrishTales with the CoffeeCup HTML Editor. All graphics (including the comic) are created by me using Paint Shop Pro. The Action Figure Diary uses Nucleus CMS, which I've customized so that it will function like a webcomic and look like the rest of the TrishTales site. I plan to republish the entire site in a different content management system. I'm currently testing systems to find the best one for my needs.


To contact me, please use the JavaScript form below. If you know me well enough to have my phone number, please call or text me instead. Thanks!